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How to make the makeup bag

1. (makeup bag)First, weave two lines of blue thread with needle weaving method, and hook 20 braids.

2. (makeup bag)Then change the color, connect the yellow line with the blue line, and weave two more lines. By analogy, change the thread every two rows, weaving a total of 38 rows.

3. (makeup bag)On line 39, start knitting from the second needle eye at both ends, and close one needle at both ends. The number of stitches in line 40 is the same as that in line 39.

4. Subtract one stitch at each end of line 41. Similarly, subtract one needle at both ends of lines 42-54. Line 54 reduced to 4 stitches.

5. Cut a piece of cloth the same size as the fabric just now, overlap with the fabric, and lock the edge with wool worn on the needle.

6. Then fold it. When the bag is partially hemmed, it is sewn in a cross shape.

7. Sew a buttonhole on the lid and a button on the handbag.

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