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Can the cosmetic bag be taken on the plane?

The cosmetic bag can be taken on the plane, but the contents in it must comply with the regulations.
That is, the container of liquid cosmetics is less than 100 ml, and the total amount cannot exceed 1000 ml. If the volume of a single container exceeds 100 ml, no matter how much is left in the container, it cannot be carried. Appropriate amount of toothpaste and shaving cream can be carried, one piece of each type is limited, and the volume of each piece does not exceed 100 grams (ml). If it exceeds the specified volume, it cannot be carried into the aircraft and must be checked in. Aviation makeup kits can also be used as daily use or travel makeup bags, cosmetic bags, brush bags, etc., can be used as birthday, holiday or wedding gifts to girlfriends, sisters, mothers.
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