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Can the customized quantity of cosmetic gift boxes bring better results?

Now many small partners who need to order cosmetic gift boxes have changed a lot of combat strategies. As people’s purchasing power continues to increase, their purchasing power is also constantly changing, and in the face of people’s changes in this aspect, packaging factories have done so immediately. After the change, in fact, this change has had a lot of influence on many cosmetic gift boxes, so today I will introduce to you how to change the route of cosmetic box packaging in the face of people's increasing purchasing power.

Quantity change. The quantity change here does not refer to an increase in the number of customized packaging boxes, but a cosmetics boutique box that should be able to be loaded. It should not be a single piece of one bottle, but a set of cosmetics should be jointly launched with the market. The products are then sold together in the form of a big gift box and big gift bag. This can effectively clear some inventory. This kind of big gift box-style set can be sold in various product combinations, or it can be different styles and smells. A series of products with color and function can effectively package and sell a certain product that does not sell well, which is a good marketing tool.

But doing so also means a problem. If it is bundled, not only will the material cost of the cosmetic gift box be increased, but also the price of the product will directly affect the selling price, which is likely to exceed the general consumer level. So the price inside will be the biggest challenge of this approach. Because of improper pricing, the product has passed the peak season, and you want to stand up again but can’t do anything. How much do you want on the market, so how to measure the value of the suit Positioning is a very important point.

But it's not that there is no way to solve this problem at all, but the premise is that the business itself needs to understand the level of their audiences in order to decide whether to use such a cosmetic gift box customization method to promote sales, if they originally It is the middle and low-end consumers. If you tell him that it is cheaper to package, they may not buy it. Therefore, if the merchant thinks that they have a deep understanding of the customer profile of their users, then it is better to measure whether this is better. 

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